Monday, 14 March 2016

About Awaras' Academy


Sketch work done by a student of Awaras'Academy

Awaras’ Academy started off as a day co-educational secondary school, with Nigerian/British curriculum, set on the beautiful and serene environment of Ikot Ekpo Estate, 8th miles, Calabar, Cross River.  However, we have added an off-campus “House” – known as EMERALD, to provide a boarding service to students, it located at Ikot Ekpo Estate.

The school policy maintains a class size of fifteen (15). The aim of this policy is to ensure that family closeness is maintained and that every child is known as an individual.  We shall be a small sized school where students and teachers know each other on full name basis.  We take pride in providing a child – oriented environment.

We admit students from diverse religion and cultural background that will reflect not only the ethnic diversity of Nigeria but the world. Though not registered as a faith based school, our ethics are based on the tenets of Christianity: that is, the belief on which all else rest in Jesus Christ as the guide and pattern of our lives.  Every last Friday of the month is the school praying and fasting.

MISSION: To equip future leaders with tools for future entrepreneurial, scientific and artistic prowess.
VISION: To provide unique learning styles that nurture and empowers all rounded and broad minded leaders. 

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